Inspired by the easy yet put-together glam of Hollywood, this look from the CHIC Collection by CHI is where Old Hollywood glamour meets New Hollywood approachability. The perfect low maintenance sophisticated look, this custom formulation blends a lived-in two-tone color with soft balayage highlights. The strategically placed “money piece” frames the face, highlighting cheekbones and eyes, and the soft, silky waves cascade past the shoulders for a feeling of romance and warmth.

Learn to create this California dreamy look with the LG CHI Color Master Factory!


Formula 1: Using a 1: 1 ½ mixing ratio CHI Bleach & Shine 30 Volume CHI Color Generator + 3 pumps of CHI Bond Rebuilder

Formula 2: 2oz 11i + 1oz 11w + 3 shots violet additive + 3oz 10 volume CHI Color Generator

Step by Step

Step 1: Section the crown area, leaving out fringe and rear perimeter.

Step 2: Mist each section with CHI Bond & Seal before applying CHI Bleach & Shine.

Step 3: Starting in the front quadrants, take thin slices parallel to the hairline. Apply Formula 1 with vertical brush strokes to create a blending balayage.

Step 4: Create a chunky weave in the hairline using two foils back-to-back.

Step 5: In the crown, use long backcomb from ends to root. Apply CHI Bleach & Shine by feathering with a vertical brush.

Step 6: Apply Formula 2 to pre-lightened area and process for 20 minutes.

Step 7: Using clippers, create a blunt cut to your desired length.

Step 8: Create a “v” section in the bang area to create a guide for the long curtain bangs.

Step 9: Point cut to desired length by over directing to the opposite side. Slide cut to blend into your desired length. Point cut in the crown area to create texture.