Joy’s Look:

Step One: Prep the hair by curling with your favorite CHI Curling Iron.

Step Two: Take a section in the fringe from eyebrow to eyebrow and create on-base barrel curls. Let set for later.

Step Three: Take a diamond section in the crown. Taking horizontal subsections back brush to create volume. Smooth and secure into a ponytail with an elastic band.

Step Four: Take a vertical section on each side of the diamond section, leaving out the middle Mohawk section in the nape area.

Step Five: Braid top crown section and lower nape section using any braid of choice to create an anchor for the rest of the style.

Step Six: Apply a small amount of CHI Pliable Polish to your hands. Take small sections from the sides and twist. Loosen the twists and pin to the braid. Continue until all the hair is pinned and styled to your liking.

Step Seven: Release barrel curls in the fringe area. Comb and shape into the desired look and pin into place.

Step Eight: Finish the look with Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray and Royal Treatment Rapid Shine.

Brandy’s Look:

Step One: Prep the hair by curling with your favorite CHI Curling Iron.

Step Two: In the crown area spray the hair with CHI Deep Brilliance Flexible Hold Hairspray from underneath the section. Take horizontal subsections and back brush to create volume in the crown area.

Step Three: Part the hair into four equal quadrants. In the back two quadrants slice in half horizontally and clip top half up and out of the way.

Step Four: Take an elastic and place first back section into a ponytail, 2 inches from the scalp. Slice section above elastic and tuck ponytail through. Pull tight and plume out the top. Repeat 2-3 times down the section. Repeat on the opposite back section.

Step Five: Release the top two back sections, smooth crown and repeat the same technique as before with the ponytails.

Step Six: Release the first front section and repeat the same ponytail technique as before. Start the ponytail further down to give softness around the face.

Step Seven: Leaving out the front two sections begin to pin and shape the back section into the desired look.

Step Eight: Start pinning and shaping front sections into the style as you desire. Be creative and have fun!

Step Nine: Smooth and finish with CHI Deep Brilliance Flexible Hold Hairspray and CHI Deep Brilliance Sheen Shine Spray.

Dura CHI Curling Iron

Dura CHI is the new definition of durability and top performance for professional stylists. DURA CHI curling irons have been designed to create luscious curls and waves with titanium infused ceramic plate technology, digital temperature control for quick set up, and a new slim, non-slip handle.


  • Titanium infused ceramic barrels for added durability and shine
  • Slim handle design with soft-touch non-slip grip
  • Digital temperature display with LCD screen
  • Max temperature of 410°F/210°C
  • Extended clip to secure long hair