Creating this beautiful Balayage color — using CHI Infra High Lift color or any service on a client – all comes back to the Influencing Factors and Characteristics of the Hair as found in Chapter 6 of the CHI Cosmetology Book.

CHI Elite Artist Cynthia Diersen was able to create this subtle, bright, and warm Balayage to brighten her client’s hair by taking into consideration the key characteristics of the hair, including: texture, density, porosity, elasticity, formation, and color.

Cynthia also addressed the Four Easy Steps: Determine natural/tinted level, determine desired lift, choose desired tone, and choose Color Generator for desired level of lift. By following the basics, Cynthia wowed us with this fabulous Balayage and so can you!

Formulation: 2oz CHI Infra High Lift GB (Golden Blonde) + 2oz 20 Volume CHI Color Generator.

Step One: Prep the hair with CHI Keratin Mist.

Step Two: Section a triangle section starting at the middle of the eyebrow to the apex of the head.

Step Three: Starting in the temple area, take diagonal back subsections. Skip the first section closest to the face for later application. Start dropping in the color at the midsection using Balayage technique. Continue until you have created 4-5 subsections on the side of head.

Step Four: Release the triangle section and split in half down the center of the section. Starting at the hairline take a weaved diagonal back section and repeat technique of painting starting at the mid-shaft working towards the scalp and then pulling through to the ends. Repeat until you have completed the half triangle section.

Step Five: Once section is completed go back to the temple section you set aside closest to the face, weave and highlight from roots to ends to blend.

Step Six: Mirror Steps 3-5 on opposite side of the head.

**Artist Tip: Take section you will be applying color to and lightly mist with CHI Infra Texture Hairspray.

*Process under low heat for 15 minutes then cool down for 5 minutes, Shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo, Apply CHI Color Lock Treatment for 5 minutes and Rinse. Style as desired using your favorite CHI products!

Styling: Hair was prepped with CHI Silk Infusion, blow dried with the CHI Nano Hair Dryer, and then curled with the CHI Lava Hairstyling Iron. Finish look with CHI Infra Hairspray and CHI Shine On.