As the weather warms and the world reawakens into life, the Spring wedding season fast approaches with all the expectations that come with it. Fortunately, Farouk Systems, Inc. has your back when it comes to all things hairstyling. If your client wants a perfect, floral inspired updo worthy of a goddess of Spring, look no further than this intricate wedding updo tutorial by CHI Creative Director, Mego Ayvazian. Whether your client wants an outdoor wedding with a backdrop of blooming trees or an indoor gathering in a ballroom dripping with roses, this chic updo with its crown of pinned curls will make her look like the queen she deserves to be on her special day.

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Chic Spring Wedding Updo - Before | CHI Education



Step One: With the pick end of your CHI Eco Tail Comb, draw a circle into the top/back area of the crown, leaving the rest of the hair to hang free. Gather this section into a ponytail. This will serve as the base of the hairstyle.

Step Two: Secure a sponge bun around the base of the ponytail and pin in place with an invisible pin.

Step Three: Part the front sections in the middle, leaving the bang area alone. Take a top section about an inch from the front and pull it back, combing through and spraying with CHI Vibes Better Together Dual Mist Hairspray and CHI Royal Treatment Rapid Shine Spray.

Step Four: Secure next to the base of the sponge bun, then move to the next section below it and do the same, securing it to the base of the sponge bun and leaving the very front pieces and side pieces hanging around the face and ears.

Step Five: Begin the same process on the other side, securing small sections close to the base of the sponge bun.

Step Six: Now move to the back. Separate the back beneath the sponge bun into an upper, middle, and lower section.

Step Seven: Take the upper section beneath the sponge bun and spray with CHI Vibes Better Together Dual Mist Hairspray. Secure this section upward diagonally into the side of the sponge bun, so that it meets the other sections you’ve pinned there.

Step Eight: Take the next section down, smooth, and pin diagonally upward in the other direction so that the layers wrap. Take the last/lowest section and pin upward so that it overlaps the previous two sections.

Step Nine: Move back to the side sections you pinned earlier. Spritz the spray of ponytails sticking off the side of the sponge bun with CHI Royal Treatment Rapid Shine Spray. Comb them smooth and bring them forward into a loose loop at the front of the sponge bun. Pin the loop in place.

Step Ten: Taking your two-part CHI Eco Dual Purpose Comb, smooth the sections still in ponytails to create “lines” within the hair. Take the rest of the ponytail, smooth with your combs, and pin so that the loop becomes a swirl shape.

Step Eleven: Move on to the next section, creating a loose loop and swirl beside the first, and securing into the foundation of the sponge bun.

Step Twelve: Secure each remaining section into loops/swirls around and into the sponge bun, creating a crown of loops and swirls around the sponge bun. Secure with CHI Vibes Better Together Dual Mist Hairspray and CHI Royal Treatment Rapid Shine Spray.

Step Thirteen: When you’re finished with that, move on to the side and bang areas. Take your CHI Lava 2.0 Hairstyling Iron and style into loose, romantic waves to frame the face.