Color Master Factory

LG CHI Color Master Factory Redifines Salon Hair Color

LG H&H R&D engineers joined forces with CHI Color mastermind Farouk Shami and his team of chemists and top hair colorists to create the CHI Color Master that can formulate unlimited hair color formulations at your fingertips!

Unlimited Color Options, Reduced Inventory

Only 10 canisters are used to make all of the 108 colors plus unlimited combinations, which helps keep inventory low. Utilizes aerosol-based cans which prevent oxygen flow thus avoiding oxidation of the color and reducing waste. Space saving for salons, booth renters, or beauty schools.


3 aerosol canisters of permanent base color

6 aerosol canisters of additives to create color tones: Red, Gold, Violet, Ash, and blue

2 aerosol canisters of developer: 1 and 40 volume

1 aerosol canister of clear


Customize your own color formulations making the possibilities endless!


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