Formula 1:

1/2oz. 8C + 1/2oz. 7C + 1 Capful Gold Additive + 15 Vol Generator (1/2oz 10vol+ 1/2oz 20vol)

Formula 2:

CHI Chromashine Color Orange You Obsessed + Pearl White

Formula 3:

CHI Chromashine Color Dangerously Red + Pearl White

**Spray hair with CHI Keratin Mist to even out porosity before color service**

Step 1:

Apply Formula 1 down the center part from forehead to nape.

Step 2:

Work your way around the head using diagonal partings applying Formula 1 to roots ONLY.

Step 3:

Apply Formula 1 to entire undercut section from mid ear down.

Step 4:

Take forward diagonal partings and apply color in rotating pattern alternating between formulas 1, 2 & 3 until entire head is completed.

**Process at room temperature for 30 minutes.

*Rinse, shampoo, color lock and style as desired.

Sectioning Step 1:

Take a triangle section at the fringe to the apex.

Step 2:

On each side, section from apex to behind the ear.

Step 3:

Create a section from ear to ear at the occipital bone.

Cutting Step 1:

To create the undercut take vertical sections holding hair at a 90 degree angle and razor cut.

Cutting Step 2:

Clean up the perimeter and texturize using scissor over comb technique.

Cutting Step 3:

Release subsection above the undercut. Over direct hair to the opposite side and point cut from shorter to longer. Continue to release subsections and repeat throughout back occipital section.

**Stylist Tip: To create the same length on both sides keep fingers pointed upwards and make sure elbow is at same angle as fingers, lock your wrist for tight elevation.

Cutting Step 4:

Release side section, over direct towards the back of head and point cut. Release other side, take a small section from each side pulling to chin and cut to create a guide for the second side. Cut second side section using the same technique as before.

Cutting Step 5:

Release fringe section, comb from underneath and point cut longer than desired length. (You will finish cutting when dry)

** Apply Mousse and comb through. Blow dry using your choice of CHI dryers and brushes.

Cutting Step 6:

Dry cutting, comb underneath fringe section and point cut to desired length.

Cutting Step 7:

Taking vertical sections at the nape bring hair out at 90 degree angle. Using texturizing shears slice and lift hair to create movement and texture throughout.

** Style as desired**