Chapter 5 – The Foundation and Life Cycle of a Healthy Scalp and Hair

360 students


  • Understanding hair and scalp anatomy
  • Understanding the phases of hair growth
  • Understanding the causes, phases and treatments for hair loss
  • How to perform shampoo and conditioning services

The scientific study of hair, scalp, hair care and associated diseases and disorders is called trichology.

It’s important for every hairstylist to be well versed in trichology because healthy hair is essential for any hairstyle and healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Stylists must understand elements of trichology like the life cycle of hair growth and the anatomy of the scalp. What’s more, failure to identify an unhealthy scalp condition could actually help sustain a communicable disease or cause hair loss.

This chapter will cover the specifics of hair growth, scalp disorders and treatments and the best way to perform a shampoo and conditioning service.