Chapter 7 – The Fundamentals of Hair Design

335 students

Farouk Systems embodies the principals of all artistic applications. Architects, style designers, and interior designers, for example, are all artists who have a strong visual eye. You can achieve this too with a career in the beauty industry.

Do you want to be known as an acceptable stylist or an excellent stylist? As a stylist, your achievement is to learn how to create the best hairstyle for your client. The process begins with analyzing the entire person by using the details and foundations of design to enhance positive features and minimize the negative. An understanding of form and art foundation will help you develop the artistic skill and judgment needed to make the best possible design for your client.

As a CHI designer, it is important to develop a visual understanding of which hairstyles work best with different face shapes and body types. It takes time and practice to train your eye to recognize the best style choice. Learn and grow from your mistakes and experiences. Having a strong style foundation will help make you an excellent stylist. Having strong techniques and skills gives you great exposure in the hair industry without conforming to basic hair styles. Too many stylists confine themselves to the basics, where they feel secure. But secure can translate into “boring” If you are looking for a gratifying, long term career, do not allow yourself to become what is known in the beauty industry as a cookie cutter hair designer who learns a new haircut and then gives it to everyone who sits in his or her chair for the next month. Explore and develop new skills and personalize your design to each client’s individual needs and lifestyle. Keep informed with new techniques in the beauty industry and continuing education. You can keep growing by having your eyes and mind always open to learning.


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