CHI Shine Shades Formula 1:

2 Parts 6RV + 1 Part 8RV + 10 Volume Generator.

Formula 2:

CHI Blondest Blonde + 10 Volume Generator.

Formula 3:

8V + 10 Volume Generator.

*Before Color Application spray hair with CHI Keratin Mist to even out porosity.

Step 1:

Apply Formula 1 to root area.

Step 2:

Starting at the nape take diagonal forward sections alternating formula 1, 2, & 3 until the entire head is completed.

**Stylist Tip: Separate formula 2 using foils

 **Process at room temperature for 30 mins

** Rinse, shampoo, color lock and style as desired**

**Apply  CHI Silk Infusion throughout hair as a cutting agent**

Sectioning Step 1:

Take a triangular section at the fringe to the apex.

Step 2:

Take side section from the apex to behind the ear. Repeat on other side.

Step 3:

Take triangular section at the crown.

Step 4:

Split back section into smaller subsections.

Cutting Step 1:

Starting at the nape point cut hair at a diagonal, parallel to the part. Continue until you reach the occipital bone.

Step 2:

At occipital bone begin to create subtle graduation.

Step 3:

Release first side section, in smaller subsections over direct hair back and cut. This will create length in the front. Repeat on opposite side.

Step 4:

Release crown section, over direct to the center and point cut through section. This will create long layers.

Step 5:

To blend layers, over direct hair back to the center of head and point cut.

Step 6:

Release fringe section, split into a center part and cut to connect length to sides.

Step 7:

Over direct hair forward and slice cut to create face framing layers.

Step 8:

Connect layers from the front and the crown by over directing the hair to the center of the head and point cut.

Step 9:

To create added texture flip hair at crown forward and notch.

**Blow dry away from head to create volume**

Step 10:

Taking vertical sections using texturizing shears slice through hair at a 90 degree angle to remove bulk and weight.

Step 11:

Take fringe section flip over and slice from underneath using texturizing shears.