As appropriate for East End boys as it is for West End girls, you can hear London Calling with this mod, grayscale look created for the CHIC Collection by CHI. Evoking gray skies and a classic punk edge, this artistic look uses shades of smoke, stone, and steel, cut into a textured, black-edged pixie. Edgy yet versatile, this short, razored cut frames the face, creating a high fashion, androgynous look that is as welcome on high street as it is on the runway.

Take your clients across the pond with this look using the step-by-step below!


Formula 1: 1:1 ½ CHI Bleach & Shine 20 volume CHI Color Generator + 3 pumps of CHI Bond Rebuilder (for root touchup application)

Formula 2: 1oz 10S + 1oz 11I + 2 shots of 1n + 3.75g violet additive + 3oz 10 volume CHI Color Generator

Formula 3: 1/2 oz 1n + 1/2 oz 10 volume CHI Color Generator

Step by Step

Step 1: Apply Formula 1 to new growth and process to your desired level.

Step 2: Rough dry hair and apply Formula 2 on the entire head.

Step 3: Tape down the fringe ends to create a barrier, leaving 1 inch out. Apply Formula 3, creating a peek-a-boo effect to the front fringe, sideburns, and nape.

London base – hair cut

Step 1: Release to contour lines and section the interior part in 5 sections.

Step 2: Starting at the exterior, use vertical partings and project the hair up to a 120-degree angle to create a stationary guideline and increase length. Comb the front hairline back to blend the side and keep the sideburn length.

Step 3: Project the hair 90 degrees, use the razor parallel to the fingers, and follow the curve of the scalp.

Step 4: Follow the curve of the scalp working towards the front hairline. Rough dry hair and apply Formula 2 on the entire head.

Step 5: Using perpendicular partings, razor cut on both sides by cutting horizontally.

Step 6: Project the hair to the ceiling and point cut. Release fringe and project vertical to connect to the guideline.

Step 7: Comb the hair to a natural fall and point cut to create a soft asymmetric fringe area.