What’s cooler than being blonde? Ice Blonde!

From long, layered cuts to short, edgy men’s cuts, this cool-toned blonde is perfect for any of your clients who are looking to up their cool factor. Achieve Ice Blonde with CHI Bleach & Shine, a new professional lightener from the hair geniuses at Farouk Systems, Inc., and a toner created with the LG CHI Color Master Factory.

CHI Bleach & Shine is an upgraded lightener that boasts up to nine levels of lift as it works to nourish hair from the inside out with aloe and natural oils.


Ice Blonde Bleach & Shine Formula: 30g CHI Bleach & Shine + 30g CHI Developer 30 Volume + 2 Pumps Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder

Ice Blonde Toner Formula (Created with the LG CHI Color Master Factory): ½ oz. Trend Color “ICE”, ½ oz. 10s, 1 shot of 1N, 3 shots Violet Additive 1 oz CHI Developer 10 Volume

step by step

Step 1: Mist the hair with CHI Bond & Seal. This will help to protect the hair and keep it healthy as you lift all the way to platinum.

Step 2: Apply Ice Blonde Bleach & Shine Formula to the hair beginning with the crown.

Step 3: Work your way down until the whole head is saturated.

Step 4: Leave to process for 30 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse and apply CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Blonde Enhancing Purple Shampoo. This highly pigmented purple shampoo will work to further cool down any warm tones left in the hair.

Step 6: Mist the hair once more with CHI Bond & Seal. Ice blonde can be intimidating, but with CHI Bond & Seal, you can be sure that the hair’s integrity is maintained throughout the chemical processes.

Step 7: Starting with the top, apply your Ice Blonde Toner Formula (created with your LG CHI Color Master Factory) evenly to achieve the cool blonde you’re aiming for.

Step 8: Leave the toner to process for 25 minutes.

Step 9: Rinse the hair and follow up with CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Blonde Enhancing Purple Conditioner for one last cool shot. Then style and reveal your perfect ice blonde.