Can you deposit color the same day you apply CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment? The short answer: Yes. Farouk Systems Executive Master Educator Joy Williams shares her knowledge on how to safely apply the treatment and still achieve a stunning color service. Follow the step-by-step process to learn the technique.



Get The Look:

 CHI Enviro American Smoothing System Application:

 Step 1: Shampoo hair with the CHI Enviro Purity Shampoo. Leave it on for 5 minutes, and rinse well.

Artist tip: Towel blot the hair dry, and comb through to remove unwanted tangles.

 Step 2: Section the hair into four equal quadrants.

Step 3: Starting in the nape area, take ¼ inch subsections using your tint brush. Apply product ½ inch away from the scalp. Starting in the mid-shaft area, apply through to the ends. Then comb evenly to distribute through the hair shaft staying ⅛ of an inch away from the scalp. 

Artist Tip: Less is more. Avoid using too much product. Apply to one section, and then bring down the next section. Using a comb, marry the two sections together. Continue this process until full head application is complete.

Step 4: Apply to entire head and process at room temperature per the directions for hair type.

 Artist tip: Pre-section the hair into 2–4 subsections. If desired, add a couple of drops of the CHI Enviro Smoothing Serum to help detangle hair prior to drying.

 Step 5: Blow dry the hair smooth using a round or paddle brush, and then resection hair into four sections.

Step 6: Using ¼ inch subsections starting in the nape area, press each section five times slowly. Use the CHI Lava 1” Hairstyling Iron at 400–410 degrees. Note: Press three times in the mid-shaft first. On the last two presses, do root to ends.

Color Application:

 Formula One: CHI Shine Shades 6V 10z + 10 Volume CHI Color Generator

Formula Two: 1 part CHI Infra High Lift RR + 1 part 10 Volume CHI Color Generator

Artist tip: Using lower volumes are recommended because you have already processed the hair using the CHI Enviro Smoothing System. Process using your professional judgment.

Step 7: Section hair into four equal sections.

Step 8: Apply Formula One from roots to mid-shaft.

Step 9: Apply Formula Two working upward in a V-shaped pattern from the ends to the mid-shaft melting the two formulas together. Process using your professional judgment.

Step 10: Rinse hair until water runs clear using the CHI Enviro Smoothing Shampoo and the CHI Enviro Smoothing Masque.  

Step 11: Towel blot and apply the CHI Enviro Stay Smooth Blow Out Spray and the CHI Enviro Smoothing Serum. For home use, prescribe the CHI Enviro American Smoothing System Home Care Kit.

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