A color combination as hot as your favorite coffee shop go-to, this fusion of beige blonde with a rich, velvety chocolate mocha, creates a color that is as luxurious as it is striking. The beige blonde base enhances the focal piece of the look: the chocolate ‘money piece’. This pop of color, artfully placed to frame the face, adds a touch of warmth and accentuates cheekbones, creating an effect that is positively hypnotizing.

Get The Look

Formula 1: Mix CHI Bleach & Shine with 20 volume CHI Developer using a 1:2 ratio and add 3 pumps of CHI Bond Rebuilder.

Step 1: Mist hair with CHI Bond & Seal.

Step 2: Section hair into 4 quadrants.

Step 3: Begin in the nape and apply lightener in 1” sections. Apply from root the ends staying 1/8th-inch away from the scalp all over to perform a complete bleach out.

Step 4: Process until desired level is achieved.

Step 5: Rinse and shampoo with CHI Royal Treatment Clarifying Shampoo and follow with CHI Royal
Treatment Clarifying Treatment and blow dry.

Formulas (apply to dry hair)

Toner Formula 1: ½ oz 6CM + ½ oz 6G + 2 shots Gold Additive + 1 oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Toner Formula 2: 2 oz 11I + 1 oz 11N + 3 shots of Violet + 3 oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Step 6: Section the crown, leaving the fringe out.

Step 7: Apply Toner Formula 1 to the fringe and panel above the ear underneath the crown parting.

Toner Formula 3: 2 oz 11I + 1 oz 11N + 3 shots of Violet + 3 oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Step 8: Apply Toner Formula 3 to all remaining blonde hair.

Step 9: Process for 30 minutes at room temperature.

Step 10: Shampoo the hair using CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Shampoo and follow with CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Conditioner.

Step By Step

Step 1: Section hair into 3 sections (middle part with 2 sections and one large section in the back).

Step 2: Comb the hair straight down, cut to your desired length in the center and over direct to the center to leave length on the sides and front.

Step 3: Continue taking sections until the entire back section has been completed.

Step 4: Once you have reached the top section, cut vertically to create texture, and do this across for the entire top section.

Step 5: Comb the hair straight down and check for inconsistencies and even without elevating the hair.

Step 6: To add more texture, take 1-inch square section from the top, comb straight up and point cut.

Step 7: Comb side sections straight down and tilt the head to the opposite direction without lifting the hair cut the front to desired length.

Step 8: For bang section using triangle method, comb up a vertical section and cut diagonally (towards yourself) and pull each sub section to the middle.

Step 9: Starting at the crown, comb all the hair forward. Take a middle subsection and point cut to blend into the bangs. Take sections from the side, comb up, and point cut.

Step 10: Take the front section down and cut to desired length at an angle to leave the front longer.

Step 11: Go back with texturizing shears to add some texture and dimension in the bang area.