This multi-level brunette and blonde with peeks of luminous pastels is a fusion of elegance and contemporary flair. The tones are carefully crafted to mimic the allure of natural sunlight dancing on hair. It’s a symphony of shades that adds depth and dimension, for a look as enchanting as it is romantic. The colors are paired with 70s-inspired volume that is as much of a leap forward into the future of fashion as it is a nod to the past.

Get The Look

Formula 1: CHI Bleach & Shine 20 volume in the back and 30 in the front with a 1: ½ mixing ratio + 4 pumps of CHI Bond Rebuilder.

Step 1: Mist hair with CHI Bond & Seal.

Step 2: Section hair into 4 quadrants with a side part.

Step 3: Starting in back left quadrant, using a weaving technique (4-5 weaves; also known as medium weaving), feather up to roots, ½ inch sectioning. Mist the hair before each foil to even porosity.

Step 4: Continue the same technique until all 4 quadrants are complete.

Step 5: At the front hairline, using a slicing technique ¼” section 2 foils back-to-back to create a money piece.


Toner Formula 2: 1 oz Royal Violet +4 shots Violet Additive +1 oz 10 volume developer formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Toner Formula 3: 1 oz 10I +1 oz 10A+ 3 shots violet additive +2 oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Step 6: Section into 4 quadrants; square section on back of the crown (center) like if you were performing a partial foil, leaving square section out below your upper square section. Apply Formula 2 to the entire bottom section. Work color into the hair for even processing.

Step 7: Apply Formula 2 into root areas of the remaining hair.

Step 8: Apply Formula 3 to the midsections and ends of the hair melting the formulas together, process for 25 minutes.

Step 9: Shampoo the hair using CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Shampoo and follow with CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Conditioner.