Get the Look:

Sectioning: Create 6 triangle sections- one in the front fringe area, one on each side or fringe section, triangle crown section and two on either side, leaving out nape area.


Step One: Starting in the nape using a razor cut to desired length to create your guide line for the cut.

Step Two: Taking diagonal forward subsections, over direct back and razor cut to guide. Repeat on both back triangle sections.

Step Three: Release triangle crown section, bring out to a 45 degree angle and cut to guide over directing towards the back of the head.

Step Four: Release your side section, over direct back at a 45 degree angle and cut to guide to maintain length in the front and movement throughout. Repeat on opposite side.

Step Five: Release the final top section. Direct hair straight up and then back towards the crown and razor cut.

Step Six: Comb hair forward and razor cut face framing layers.

Step Seven: To create added texture, take small sections with firm tension and gently run your razor on top of the section to remove bulk and add texture.


Style As Desired!