This visionary hair color creation is for trendsetters only! Peachy-blonde and reminiscent of the striking patterns of a calico cat, it offers high- octane drama that is destined to ignite social media. This look has it all: bold pops of pastel, a daring mix of peach and blonde hues, and an artful, layered cut, blending both accessibility and edge.

Get The Look

Formula 1: CHI Bleach & Shine with 10 volume at root + 3 pumps of CHI Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder

Formula 2: CHI Bleach & Shine + 30 volume at the ends + 3 pumps of CHI Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder

Step 1: Mist the hair with CHI Bond & Seal.

Step 2: Section the hair into 4 quadrants.

Step 3: Using slicing technique with ½” sections, start in the front left quadrant, 10 volume on the roots, 30 volume on midsections and ends, complete full head using this technique. Only use foils in front left quad.

Step 4: Bang area will be ½” slices back-to-back foils with Formula 1.

Step 5: On the 3 remaining quadrants, apply Formula 1 to the demarcation line from previous color and apply Formula 2 to the ends melting the two together.

Step 6: Process for 40 minutes.

Step 7: Shampoo with Royal Treatment Clarifying Shampoo for 3-5 minutes. Condition with CHI Royal Treatment Clarifying Treatment.


Color Formula 1 (root area): 1oz 6G + 1 oz 6C + 2 oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Color Formula 2 (midshaft and ends): 1 oz 8C + 1 oz 7C 2 oz 30 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Toner Formula 3 (left blonde section): 1 oz 10I + 1 oz 10W + 1 shot of Violet Additive + 2 oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Toner Formula 4 (bang area): ½ Royal Violet ½ oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Step 8: Section into 4 quadrants and begin applying Formula 1 to roots excluding bangs and left quad.

Step 9: Melt Formula 2 to midsections and ends.

Step 10: Apply Formula 3 to left quad.

Step 11: Section the bangs into 3 triangle subsections apply Formula 3 to first triangle subsection.

Step 12: Apply Formula 4 to middle subsection of the bang.

Step 13: Apply Formula 3 to the last triangle subsection.

Step 14: Shampoo the hair using CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Shampoo and follow with CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Conditioner.

Step By Step

Long Layers (360 Haircut)

Step 1: Section the top of the head into two quadrants, leaving out the bangs.

Step 2: Create a v-section at the crown area.

Step 3: Set a guideline at the crown.

Step 4: Trim the middle section up to the guideline, employing point cutting at the tips.

Step 5: Perform point cutting on the left side, then the right side.

Step 6: Bring the hair forward and point cut.

Step 7: Finally, take the guide section to the back and point cut.

Bottom Section

Step 8: Take a ½” section from the bottom section near the ear to the guideline and point cut.

Step 9: Proceed to the back section, lifting it 90 degrees and point cutting using the crown guideline.

Curtain Bangs

Step 10: If needed, apply CHI Bond & Seal to add moisture to the hair.

Step 11: Section a small v-shape into the bangs.

Step 12: Twist the v-shape 360 degrees and point cut.

Step 13: Use the left section as a guide, pulling it over to the right section of the bang and point cut.

Step 14: Cut from the inside to the outside to ensure balanced length on each side of the bangs.

Step 15: Create a middle part and slide cut each section to soften the ends of the hair.

Step 16: Lift a 1” section 90 degrees and point cut to add volume to the bangs. Repeat the process on the left and right sides of the bangs.

Step 17: Return to the starting guideline and take a slice from the top right and left sections, cutting at a 90-degree angle with the guideline.

Step 18: Bring a slice from the crown to the bang area, cutting at a 90-degree angle with a point cut.

Step 19: Take ½ slices from the left and right sections, bringing them to the middle guideline at a 180- degree angle and point cut.

Step 20: Adjust the guideline to 90 degrees and use the shears to slide along the end for a seamless cut.

Step 21: Re-check each section back to the guideline and perform a double check cut.