“Salted” ends are a huge color trend in the cool family and the “caramel” roots provide a warm tonal value. What better way to head into spring than with this sweet color?

Color Formulas

Formula One: 1 ½ oz. 10B Shine Shades Liquid Color + 1/2 oz.  Clear Shine Shade Liquid Color + 3 Capfuls 8V Shine Shades Liquid Color + 10 Volume CHI Color Generator.

Formula Two: 1 ½ oz. CHI Ionic Permanent Shine 6CM Crème Color +1/2 oz. 7I Shine Shades Liquid Color + No developer.

Color Steps

*Prep Hair with CHI Keratin Mist*

Step One: Apply Formula One from roots to ends.

Step Two: Apply Formula Two to root area to create a shadow root.

Step Three: Process at room temperature for 25-30 mins.

Step Four: Rinse until water runs clear, shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo and Color Lock Treatment for 5 mins, rinse and style as desired.

Style Steps

*Prep wet hair with CHI Silk Infusion*

Step One: Blow-dry hair straight using your CHI NANO Hair Dryer and Paddle Brush.

Step Two: Section hair into two workable sections. Start by taking 1 inch subsections in the nape, spray generously with CHI Enviro 44 Hairspray- Natural Hold, and curl with your CHI LAVA Hairstyling Iron.

Step Three: Continue technique until all the hair is completed.

Step Four: Taking small sections, work your way through the hair backcombing/ teasing all the hair.

Step Five: Smooth down top portion of hair with a backcomb brush and finish look with CHI Shine Infusion.

Final Look: