For the sophisticate with a bad boy streak that can’t be tamed, this trendsetting creation is just the ticket to take a short look from boring to breathtaking. This look seamlessly blends sleek silver blonde with a subtle black peek-a-boo accent for a touch of rebellion and intrigue. The silver blonde base exudes refined, Silver Fox charm, while the black ribbon in the bang area creates an unexpected, edgy twist. This bold juxtaposition of colors is perfect for the modern man who seeks a look that’s confident, dynamic, and truly unforgettable.

Get The Look

Formula 1: CHI Bleach and Shine with 20 volume CHI Developer using a 1:1 ½ ratio and add 3 pumps of CHI Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder.

Step 1: Mist hair with CHI Bond & Seal.

Step 2: Begin applying to root and all remaining dark hair, performing a complete bleach out.

Step 3: During the last 5 minutes, pull through the ends to ensure there is no demarcation line.

Step 4: Rinse and shampoo with CHI Royal Treatment Clarifying Shampoo and follow with CHI Royal Treatment Clarifying Treatment.


Toner Formula 2: ½ oz Ice Steel Trending Color + ½ oz Steel Violet + 1 shot of 1N + 1 oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Toner Formula 3: ½ oz 2N + ½ oz 10 volume formulated with the LG CHI Color Master Factory

Step 5: For accent piece, use a diagonal part, take ½” section, and apply Formula 2 in a foil.

Step 6: Apply Toner Formula 1 to the remaining hair.

Step 7: Process for 30 minutes at room temperature.

Step 8: Shampoo the hair using CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Shampoo and follow with CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Conditioner

Step By Step

Step 1: Comb the top to the side to create a hard part.

Step 2: Begin using a 1 ½” guard on the CHI Clippers, focusing on the nape and around the ears for a medium fade.

Step 3: Clean up around the ears and neckline with CHI Trimmers.

Step 4: Blend fade using scissor over comb technique to blend.

Step 5: Over direct the top to blend into the fade.

Step 6: Texturize the sides and top for better blending. Point cut top for added texture.