As the weather warms and the world reawakens into life, the Spring wedding season fast approaches with all the expectations that come with it. Fortunately, Farouk Systems, Inc. has your back when it comes to all things hairstyling. If your client wants a perfect, floral inspired updo worthy of a goddess of Spring, look no further than this intricate wedding updo tutorial by CHI Creative Director, Mego Ayvazian. Whether your client wants an outdoor wedding with a backdrop of blooming trees or an indoor gathering in a ballroom dripping with roses, this chic updo with its crown of pinned curls will make her look like the queen she deserves to be on her special day.

Get This Look

Step One: Section hair into three parts: the right side, left side, and the back.

Step Two: Spray with Bond & Seal Treatment, working in small sections and focusing on the ends. Make sure to get all of the hair, but really focus on the ends. Notice how the Bond and Seal begins sealing your client’s split ends nearly immediately.

Step Three: Place your CHI Bleach & Shine Lightener mixture into the CHI Digital Mixer. Turn your CHI Digital Mixer on. Wait 60 seconds, and your bleach will be thoroughly mixed.

Step Four: Start with the back section, working from the bottom up in very thin sections. Pin the other sections out of the way

Backcombing Technique

Step Five: Gently backcomb the hair with your CHI Backcomb, starting near the roots. The idea here isn’t to create volume, but to create natural variation where you will apply your bleach.

Step Six: Lay hair section on foil and gently apply your bleach section, starting at the middle, then the ends, then blending upward but not reaching the root area.

Step Seven: Fold bleached section into a packet with the foil and let sit.

Step Eight: Move on to the next section of hair just above and prepare to do the Weaving Technique.

Weaving technique

Step Nine: Taking the pick end of your CHI Backcomb, gently weave the point horizontally through a thin section of hair in an up-down-up-down motion, creating two separate, thinner layers of that section: upper and lower.

Step Ten: Gently back comb the upper section near the root like you did with the previous section, letting the lower section rest.

Step Eleven: Apply bleach to the upper section, starting at the middle, then the ends, then blending toward the roots.

Step Twelve: Repeat with the Weaving technique, working upward section by section until the back of the head is finished. Strands of the natural hair color should be coming out between the layers of foil, which is what will give the balayage its natural, blended look.

Step Thirteen: Unpin the front sections and move on to the Contouring Technique, meant to enhance the client’s facial features.

Contouring Technique:

Step Fourteen: Start by taking very thin, diagonal sections of hair and applying the bleach in a diagonal pattern, following the shape of the client’s face.

Step Fifteen: Apply bleach to the client’s bang area in thin sections as well to brighten the features and frame the face.  Leave the roots as they are.

Step Sixteen: When all sections are foiled, leave to sit at room temperature for 45 minutes for the bleach to develop and for the Bond and Seal to work with the bleach and seal the split ends.

Step Seventeen: When the processing time is over, remove the sections from the foil, rinse, and style to your client’s specifications.