This warm, smoldering look is the ultimate in dark feminine chic. Evocative of dimly lit cafes and intriguing conversations, this versatile look is perfect for any complexion. The inclusion of a classic Brigitte Bardot bang serves to elevate this look and add a feeling of mystery and glamour while the languid fade to a vivid auburn takes this look out of the comfort zone and into true bombshell territory.

Learn to recreate this look using the steps below!


Formula 1: 5cm + 5c + 10 volume CHI Color Generator equal parts for roots melt into ends.

Formula 2: 7c + 20 volume CHI Color Generator + ¼ oz of orange additive.

Step by step


Step 1: Mist the hair with CHI Bond & Seal.

Step 2: Section the hair into 4 quadrants.

Step 3: Apply Formula 1 horizontally about two inches down from the nape.

Step 4: Starting in the nape sections, diagonal back color placement and blend down with your fingertips.

Step 5: As you work up the head, start blending the color further down to help add dimension.

Step 6: Mist the ends with CHI Bond & Seal and apply Formula 2 on the remaining hair and blend Formula 2 into
Formula 1.


Step 1: Starting with ½ of the circle, raise the hair straight up and cut horizontally.

Step 2: Project the hair to the stationary design line to release pressure on your shoulders, bring the hair down towards the curve of the scalp.

Step 3: Using a mobile guide, pull hair straight out starting at center back using vertical sections. Slide cut into mid-shaft to remove weight and create texture.

Step 4: Cut blunt bangs to your desired length and texturize to create wispy bangs.