FORMULATIONS Pre-lightening Formula1 CHI Infra High Lift BB CHI Color Generator 20 Volume Formula 2 Chromashine Orange you Obsessed Formula 3 Chromashine Mellow my Yellow

Pre-Lightening Process:

Apply the Pre-Lightening Formula to the entire head. Then using your color brush push the fringe area away from the face.

STEP 1 –

Use color Formula 1 around the exterior of the head. At the interior use the same formula on the root area only.

STEP 2 –

Then apply Formula 2 from the mid-shaft to the ends. Allow the hair to process and style as desired.


STEP 1 –

Section the interior from the exterior, creating a horseshoe parting.

STEP 2 –

Use the Esquire Clippers and clipper-over-comb technique to cut the exterior.

STEP 3 –

Use the texturizing shear around the perimeter of the head, starting at the crown.

STEP 4 –

Create a triangle section on each side of the head and use the texturizing shear to connect the sides.

STEP 5 –

Use the slithering technique on the top layers for a soft but spiky end result.


STEP 1 –

Spray CHI Volume booster through the hair

STEP 2 –

Blow dry the hair with a CHI Nano Dryer vent nozzle for air control.

STEP 3 –

Finish the hair with CHI Reworkable Taffy, adding definition and texture to the finished look.

Products Used:

Short and powerful with an interesting silhouette. Cut to perfection with zigzag layering. The CHI Chromashine creates a popping long lasting color on this eye-catching hairstyle.

The Stardust Collection is a color romantic adventure in balance with the multi-layered hairstyles, from edgy activated curls to romantic smooth high gloss. The colors, using CHI Shine Shades Liquid Color are a natural 3-dimensional harmony and reflection of tones and levels to create a cluster of tones, featuring a marriage of cool and warm tones or the popping colors of CHI Chromashine. The Stardust Collection is inspired by the 70’s designs. The combination of volume, texture and high gloss colors makes this collection a luminous combination between shape and color. The haircuts contain a disparity of layers that create freedom and movement for many varieties of styling options. The combination of CHI Creative Color Systems, products and tools give the artist the ability to produce the necessities of fashion forward hair.