Student Newsletter November 2017 Edition


It’s your last 300 hours and you are counting down the days until you can clock out for the last time. There are many emotions running through your mind such as excitement, anticipation, what salon will you work in plus a touch of nervousness. You are anxious to just pass your state board exam and get behind the chair using your training and hands in your client’s hair…better yet, getting paid to do what you love. Some questions will start spinning in your mind such as what do I wear on my interviews and on the job, will I need to get my fashion budget in place? What if I lose a client? Once a salon hires me, what will I do with myself during my down time waiting for clients? Well, let’s take these and other questions to the Pro’s…


Cynthia Diersen

Farouk Systems Artist Salon: The Color Bar CHI Insider Student Newsletter-thecolourbar Cynthia Diersen is a salon owner and stylist in Houston, TX. She has mastered her craft with a specialty in color. Her 18 years in the industry have exposed her to some of the top names in hairdressing and have elevated her to accomplish a respected position with Farouk Systems, Inc. as a CHI Elite International Artist and CHI Executive Educator. Her love for learning new ways of working with hair, color and cuts keeps fueling her passion for sharing all that she discovers. Her talents have accomplished her a finalist position in the Creative Color category at the Behind The Chair awards as well as earning her the CHI Editorial Stylist of the Year 2017 award. Her expertise have been highlighted by Behind The Chair, Modern Salon, Mane Addicts, Miami Fashion Week and shows in Europe, Mexico and across the USA. Cynthia is a firm believer in sharing to engage and inspire her fellow stylists so they return to their salons with more confidence than before and elevate their skills to the next level!

Efrain Leiva

Farouk Systems Artist Salon: Pyramid Hair Studio & Retreat CHI Insider Student Newsletter-PyramidHairStudio With a hairdressing career spanning more than 35 years, Efrain Leiva has made his mark traveling around the globe educating and inspiring fellow artists. As a Farouk Systems International Elite Artistic Team member and Miss Universe and Miss USA stylist, Leiva captivates audiences with his fashion-forward yet achievable hairstyles and up-styles. Leiva’s creative abilities expands beyond his natural artistry of styling; he is also known for utilizing contrasting color techniques to enhance styles. Efrain’s passion for the beauty industry is matched only by his desire to teach others. He also holds his Instructors license for the State of Texas, Leiva believes that his role as a Farouk Systems’ educator is to spread the knowledge that he has gained over the years to guide others through their hair journey. Embodying positivity and humbleness, Leiva’s talents and personality have brought him far and given him unimaginable success.

Q: How important is it to dress fashionable in the salon? What are some budget friendly styles/suggestions?
Cynthia – “Dressing for our role as an image expert is very important; you are in a position to inspire others to stay current and putting an effort into their own appearance. Stylists need to reflect what we recommend and dressing fashionable as part of our job! You don’t have to break the bank to do so; I have found great deals at White House Black Market Outlets, TJ Maxx, Target and Marshall’s! Be cautious when shopping for “disposable clothes “as I call it. They might be a great bargain, but they fall apart easily and lose their original shape thus resulting in a sloppy overall look. Instead, invest more on something that has better quality materials and will withstand the everyday wear of the salon pace! Ladies…leggings/tights must NOT be see through! Accessories can spice up any outfit but be aware, that not all accessories are task friendly! Multiple bracelets or those with charms catch water when shampooing which results in water dripping in the guest’s face, and that’s not relaxing! Don’t stress about your wardrobe, look what other stylist are wearing in the salon, get ideas from them, don’t be afraid to ask them for tips! We are all on the same team!”
Efrain – “Always remember entering in this profession you are part of fashion, you will set the standards for a lot of your clients. They trust us, not just with their hair, but we become their personal wardrobe, make up and fashion manager, not forgetting their personal therapist as well. Learn how to read the area and clientele you work with. Black clothing is a great foundation, always safe and it doesn’t have to be boring. On any season styles will change and you can always combine them, but most important is to be groomed (put together) before you start your day in the salon. Officially you are a hairstylist once you leave your house, use your image as your personal business card, engaged them with a first impression. To look like a million dollars you don’t have to spend it. You can even go to the local discount stores and find simple black tops and bottoms, mix and match. Take care of them and they will last.”
Q: How important is it to start building your clientele in school? How can you get them to the salon after graduation?
Cynthia – “The practice of offering a great overall experience to a salon guest, starts in school! Instead of going to school, act like you are going to work. By the time you graduate, you will have acquired certain habits that will set you apart from the rest. Once you graduate, your school guests will be more willing to support and follow you in your career path since you have set a higher standard of experience and they won’t want anything less than that. You can also offer them incentives for a limited time as you transition from student to professional service provider. For example a free hair cut with any color service? Don’t forget to send them a nice hand written card letting them know that you have graduated and will be taking clients at the new salon. Let them know of your deal, and don’t forget to drop in your salon business card.”
Efrain – “You have to take beauty school seriously and view it as your career; this is a profession, not a JOB. You have to approach hairdressing with this attitude. Taking care of clients you service in beauty school and retaining them and having them graduate with you. Transition it into a new professional relationship that they will be willing to pay accordingly for. They will follow you and be loyal because they love what you are able to do for them. This is your training for the beginning of your days at the salon. This is the reason every day in school you have to be prepared to conquer the world, and overcome everything coming in front of you. Many obstacles will show in the first part of your professional development, as part of your training to succeed. This is the most beautiful profession in the world and you have to be ready to achieve your goals. It starts with you, give a follow up call the day after. This might sound scary, but they will love the fact you took the time to pick up the phone. Ask them are they enjoying their new look? Another way to help get them to follow you is to educate them. Yes- educate them. Show them how to style their hair, what product to use, and why you are using it. Give a few quick tips to help them “style on the go”. They will always remember how you took the time and helped them out. Always show your clients that you care.”
Q: What are some ideas to sharpen your skills on a slow day in the salon? How can these days be turned into post for social media? Marketing yourself during down time.
Cynthia – “ Slow days are never fun in the salon but they are great practice/learning days and advertising your work on social media is a great way to spend your down time! We can always improve on polishing our skills and timing. Speed and consistency comes with practice, so keep your mannequin and stand handy, if you know one skill is not up to par as your other skills, do it, then do it again, then do it again! Another way is to have a friend visit you at a special rate for those days and reward them with a little something extra if they bring another guest your way! Document yourself in video and photos! Before and after shots are GREAT and they are eye catchers on social media! I love seeing progress in work and so do potential guests! Be discreet about your availability- a “wide open book” is never good to advertise! Using verbiage like “An appointment slot for a highlight and cut just came available for tomorrow’s schedule.” Or “I’m offering an upgraded blowout finish with the reservation of this time slot only!” No holds!” Sounds much better than “I have 3 hours wide open tomorrow because I had a last minute cancelation. Who needs their hair done?” Don’t sound desperate-sound in DEMAND!”
Efrain – “ Approach slow business days as appointed training and marketing days, always be positive, everyday life is different. Your positive energy will attract positive results in life. Be sharp, schedule in daily training, even in slow days this will keep your mind focused for creativity. Education and knowledge will help you succeed in life and of course in this very competitive profession, practice makes masters. Use your family and friends as your billboards, there is no better business card! Today’s access to social media make the most of it by saving pictures from your busy days. You can always post these when you are slow. Stay tuned with latest videos, pictures and ideas to create your own. Creating a unique piece and photograph it using neutral backgrounds don’t forget to use great hash tags. Promote yourself as well your own salon or the one you work for. The most important suggestion is to help you to reach a bigger audiences be a designer not a duplicator.”
Q: How important is it to dress fashionable in the salon? What are some budget friendly styles/ suggestions??
Cynthia1. Time matters! Yours and theirs! Arrive before your guest in the morning and “on point”! No one likes to wait plus it is disrespectful to others if you’re late. Be as available when you’re scheduled and make it a priority to run on time as closely as possible. If you know you’re running behind, be courteous and have your receptionist call or text letting them know. They will appreciate the heads up and they might get an extra errand done before they come to see you. 2. Consult like a Doctor. You are the professional! There is an uncomfortable level of disconnect between what a guest feels they receive in their consultations with their stylist. What a stylist feels they deliver, and what the client feels they are receiving are different. Look at these polls. Only 7% of 5,000 guests felt they received an OK consultation. 93% of 500 Stylist felt they delivered a great consultation 100% of the time! HUMM, major disconnect? The truth is, we should not rush our consultations; we should know how to gather our information intelligently in the most efficient way possible. Use reflective listening to confirm any and all requests from your guest. My personal formula for consultations is to not begin until the E.R.B. (Expectation, Reality, Budget) are all clear and all align with each other. Repeat what you received from the conversation. Ask them do you feel comfortable and confident with our selection today? 3. Be consistent in your work, your good habits, your care thus takes us back to PRACTICE. That’s it. It’s simple, yet effective. 4. Be professional-talk less, listen more. Know when to not talk at all! We are in a business that is creative and social, but we need to stay professional and focused! We need to allow the guest to do the talking and we can lead the conversation. We should adjust and adapt to their comfort and topics of interest. Do not over share- no details about your personal life. Personal life and political views or religious beliefs are to be avoided. *A side note: Why do guests do not return? Their Stylist did not make the proper professional recommendations in hair care products! I know, crazy but true! So don’t be shy-tell them why you use that “Silk Therapy” on everyone who sits in your chair and why they need to take it home with them today!
Efrain – “What I hear behind the chair…The first complaint a customer has when they come to my chair is: They say “other stylists don’t listen to me”. So, I always make a point to listen to them. Educating my clients gives them the confidence in my ability to get the desired results. Remember their complaint is, stylists not listening, I approach this problem in a different way, because I am the professional I have a license to do so. For 35 years behind the chair I have traveled the world, watching many stylist do things the wrong way. And we should learn not just from the good ones but also from those who are doing it wrong. Proper finish is a success to show your art, don’t rush, and recommend professional products and tools for them to duplicate what you just did, they will take those home and enjoy finishing and duplicating on a daily basis. And of course, be available and remember you are in business because of them!! Not the other way around. In closing, Success is the result of knowledge and sacrifice. Quick review- not listening, poor finish, not able to duplicable the look –or what you just reviewed in your consultation. Availability; get them pre–booked, this way they will not have to worry about getting back in they already are!”
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Pre-lighten with CHI Blondest Blonde Whisk thoroughly with 40vl CHI Color Generator Denim Light Wash CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color

  • 13ULP (.4oz)
  • 11I (8oz)
  • Blue (.5oz)

Whisk thoroughly with 10vl CHI Color Generator Perfect Blush with CHI Shine Shades

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  • 8R (cap full)
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Whisk thoroughly with 10vl CHI Color Generator CHI Chromashine Pastel Yellow


Efrian – Miss Universe Stylist

& living the American dream

CHI Insider Student Newsletter-MissColumbia2011-2

  1. Divide the hair in 9 diagonal sections using apex as center of each sectioning. Using CHI Magnified Volume hair spray on base then roll the hair on 1 1/4 inch subsections and allow to cool with clips
  2. Remove curl clips comb through hair with wide tooth comb straight back for more fullness (back comb if needed on root areas)
  3. CHI Pliable Polish and a drop of CHI Silk Infusion, as your cocktail (emulsify in your hands) then run fingers through hair to comb down fly a way’s
  4. For that Crowning look-finish with CHI Royal Treatment Ultimate control Hair Spray and CHI Royal Treatment Rapid Shine Spray – remembering spraying too close will make the hair look wet and go flat much faster.

Miss Columbia 2011 Miss Daniella Alvarez

Colombia is dear to Efrain’s heart. Born Colombian, Efrain moved his family to the USA to live the American dream. Let’s get some tips on this timeless look.