Student Newsletter October 2017 Edition


Graduation from Cosmetology School can be exciting, a dream come true but, what’s next? Are you ready to take on your new career? To prepare you for what is ahead, we reached out to the experts such as salon owners and our very own Farouk Systems Creative Artist Team Members so we can give you the heads up on some key points. We asked them what concerns they have seen with new stylist fresh out of Cosmetology School. To our surprise, their feedback and comments came from many of our conversations stating that new stylists are lacking in multiple technical skills. What does this mean? Well, multiple technical skills can often make or break those wanting to retain their clients. This includes skills such as a simple blow dry, curling, setting, shampooing, and even the correct use of styling products. So, what we want to share with you is having great tools and products does not always maintain your success if you don’t use them correctly. Right now, you are probably thinking “What does this have to do with retaining my clientele? How do they know if I am using the correct product?” These are great questions and concerns but we need to address them so, we can help you be prepared and successful. To help, we took this to the Pro’s to see and hear what is happening in their salons so they can help you step up your game!


Bradley Tuggle

Farouk Systems Platform Artist USA International educator and platform artist for Farouk Systems, Bradley Tuggle was introduced to the professional beauty profession at a very young age by his grandmother who owned a salon. Deeply inspired, Bradley perfected his talents at the Sassoon Academy before opening BOHO Salon in North Carolina. A firm believer in education, Bradley is also a North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts Licensed Teacher and Instructor. His creativity and vision have earned him editorial pages in major beauty publications. As one of the youngest main stage artists at industry shows and events, Bradley is a platform veteran with a rock and roll vibe

Maggie O’ Donald

Farouk Systems Upcoming Artist USA Maggie Karcher is a new and upcoming artist with Farouk Systems. As a salon owner and international artist, she incorporates the latest trends into her styling techniques. Maggie’s fresh perspective allows her to take concepts that are straight off the runway and transform everyday client’s looks. Her skills as a colorist and cutting artist defy the norm and inspire others in the industry to strive for excellence.

Q: As a Salon owner what are your main complaints about new stylists and blow drying a client’s hair? What can a new stylist do to “rock out” the perfect blow dry style?
Bradley – “I strongly recommend to take your time when blow drying. First, I suggest for superior control, you should section the hair into 4 parts (top, sides and above the occipital bone leaving the nape area free) Take small precise sections and carefully blow dry each one until you achieve the ultimate result. To perfect your craft, practice on friends, family, mannequins as often as possible in your free time. This will help to build up your speed and technique. What you do behind the scenes is what really counts when the time comes to IMPRESS a salon owner. Blow them away with your skills every chance you have.”
Maggie – I think a lot of new stylist under estimate the power of a beautiful blow dry style. Today, I see a lot of stylists just rushing through a blow dry just to pick up a hot tool. You must remember that the client can do this themselves at home! You want to offer them something they cannot achieve themselves! Proper blow-drying techniques have the ability to completely change the manageability of the hair. Dry, frizzy hair can become smooth and shiny; and limp, fine hair can become full and voluptuous with just simply using the correct techniques for the outcome you wish to achieve. My favorite blow-drying technique would definitely be using a round brush. If done properly, you can maintain volume and achieve smoothness without ever having to touch a hot tool. Not to mention, you can also sell round brushes and product by teaching your client to do it themselves at home.
Q: Why is product knowledge so important for new stylist?
Bradley – “Product knowledge is your time to SHINE!! It’s the one thing that you can do above all else to show your dedication to learning what products work best for a client or guest. STUDY…STUDY…STUDY your products before entering a salon environment. This will give you a heads up on what the salon uses as well as taking every opportunity to inform clients on what the product does, how it works, and why its best for the client’s hair. Knowledge is power!”
Maggie – “Product knowledge is KEY to knowing what products to use on each hair type. Clients come to the salon for a professional opinion on what to use on their hair. If you don’t know what you’re using, there’s no way you can tell a client what is best for their hair. I suggest testing the products on yourself and friends to get feedback. This way you will know first-hand what works and what doesn’t work.”
Q: Does a client service really start at the shampoo bowl?
Bradley – “ABSOLUTELY NOT! It starts the second they enter the salon with a HELLO from the FRONT DESK or GREETER. The service and experience starts from the moment the client walks in the door until the time they leave! Give the BEST experience possible this includes a great shampoo, don’t rush, and give a great mini message…this shows confidence.”
Maggie – “It’s a great way to seal the deal after your greeting. Clients come to the salon because they want to, not because they have to. This is their time to relax and have something done for themselves. Even if they aren’t 100% sold on the hairstyle you gave them, if they received a phenomenal shampoo service they will be back for that alone. As a new stylist, getting people back in your chair is key even if it’s only for the scalp massage!”
Q: What is the importance of a good set and knowing proper use of styling tools?
Bradley – “CHI tools are the best!! Hands down!! To be an efficient and great stylist, you need to have the proper tools and know when to use them on different hair textures, because everyone’s hair is different and requires different needs and tools. A gourmet CHEF is not going to use plastic forks and knives to create a gourmet meal. A great stylist needs to use the best styling tools to maximize his/her profits. Know your tools, what they offer, temperature settings and how to care for them.”



  • Starting with a natural level 7
  • I pre-lightened with CHI Blondest Blonde + 20vol in 2 different settings to achieve an all over level 10
  • Base – CHI Chromoshines: Vibrant Violet and Hot Fuschia
  • Mid-lengths: CHI Chromoshines: Pure Pink, Pastel Pink, Bright Yellow

I applied the base color all over about 2″ from the scalp. Through the mid-lengths I used diagonal sections blending in the other colors. I created additional colors throughout the mid-lengths by not cleaning my gloves aft er every section; i.e. pink and yellow make orange. Just be careful to not mix complimentary colors, you don’t want to accidentally make brown!



  1. Be strategic in your posts (don’t post just to be posting something)
  2. Don’t post personal emotions or opinions (not everyone likes what you do)
  3. Post clean imaging with proper lighting
  4. BE OUTSTANDING and different – but always stay professional

This is post is an action shot taken by a professional photographer and full description of Rose Hip Shine Spray and why and how I use it. It received 24 comments and had nice engagement and well over 1500 likes


We are truly proud of our Cancun student artist winners. They brought their talents to a new level at our Global Conference in Cancun. Their finished models hit the runway with outstanding editorial looks! The hairstyles they created were exceptional bringing the audience and Dr. Farouk Shami (Chairman and Founder of Farouk Systems, Inc.) to their feet. According to Dr. Shami, “These bright and talented students are the future of the Beauty industry”. Great job ladies we were so honored to work with you and keep reaching for the stars.
Student artist winner’s, their team of coaches, Instructor of the Year – Mrs. Carranza from Houston Training Schools , Artist of the Year – David Bechet, and Educator of the Year – Angela Leschper, Coach – Joe Peña, Asst. Coach – Jill Lewis. (Cancun Mexico!)