How-To: Modern Lob by Rocky Vitelli

How-To: Modern Lob by Rocky Vitelli

Get the Look:

Sectioning: Create 6 triangle sections- one in the front fringe area, one on each side or fringe section, triangle crown section and two on either side, leaving out nape area.


Step One: Starting in the nape using a razor cut to desired length to create your guide line for the cut.

Step Two: Taking diagonal forward subsections, over direct back and razor cut to guide. Repeat on both back triangle sections.

Step Three: Release triangle crown section, bring out to a 45 degree angle and cut to guide over directing towards the back of the head.

Step Four: Release your side section, over direct back at a 45 degree angle and cut to guide to maintain length in the front and movement throughout. Repeat on opposite side.

Step Five: Release the final top section. Direct hair straight up and then back towards the crown and razor cut.

Step Six: Comb hair forward and razor cut face framing layers.

Step Seven: To create added texture, take small sections with firm tension and gently run your razor on top of the section to remove bulk and add texture.


Style As Desired!

This CHI Chromashine Look Is Sublime

This CHI Chromashine Look Is Sublime

​The next big color has arrived, and it’s here to usher in a sultry season: Lime Green. Don’t believe us? Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa are a few celebs who’ve amped up the edge factor by adding this vibrant color to their tresses. Inspired to take the plunge? Follow the full CHI Chromashine color and cut step-by-step by CHI Global Board Artists Anna Cantu and Rocky Vitelli. The results, from their I.D.ENTIFY Collection, are literally sublime.




Get The Look:

Bleach Retouch: 

Formula One: Equal parts CHI Blondest Blonde Ionic Cream Lightener + 20 Volume CHI Color Generator.

Prep the hair with CHI Silk Infusion and CHI Keratin Mist.

Step One: Create a center part. Then starting in the front, apply your lightener to the new growth area only. Continue by taking 1/2 inch subsections until entire head is complete.

Artist Tip: Place strips of cotton between each subsection to allow the roots to process evenly and to help prevent overlapping.

Artist Tip: To get maximum toning while lifting, CHI Blondest Blond can be mixed with CHI Infra High Lift Colors.

Step Two: Process at room temperature for 30-45 minutes making sure to check the hair frequently. Rinse, shampoo with CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Shampoo – Platinum Blonde, and condition using CHI Infra Treatment.

Step Three: Blow dry hair using the CHI Lava Hair Dryer.

Color Technique: 

Lime Formula:  1 oz. CHI Chromashine Pearl White + 1 oz. Mellow My Yellow + 2 drops Grass Roots.

Prep the hair with CHI Keratin Mist and CHI Silk Infusion.

Step Four: Apply Lime formula to the roots to ends, taking 1/2 subsections throughout.

Step Five: Process under low heat for 10 minutes with a 5 minute cool down. Rinse until the water runs clear. Apply CHI Olive Organics Hair and Body Conditioner for 5 minutes and rinse.

Cutting Technique: 

Section the hair into 4 equal quadrants.

Step Six: Release one front section. Create a diagonal back parting, cut the guide with your razor.

Step Seven: Over direct the hair forward, and razor cut shorter to longer. Continue until entire section is complete.

Step Eight: Mirror technique on the opposite side. Release the back sections. Bring hair forward, and cut to guide.

Step Nine: In the back, take a vertical subsection. Over direct the hair 180 degrees up, and point cut to create soft layers. Continue technique throughout the entire head.

Step Ten: Style as desired.

Products Used:

This CHI Chromashine Color is Peachy Keen

This CHI Chromashine Color is Peachy Keen

Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are known to rock punchy pastel hair colors, and their latest muse is super sweet: a blend of orange and peach. We tapped CHI Global Board Artists — Anna Cantu and Rocky Vitelli — to show you how to master a CHI Chromashine color combination that is as irresistible as the fruits. Follow this step-by-step tutorial from their I.D.ENTIFY Collection, and the results will have you feeling downright peachy.



Get The Look:

Tangerine: 2 oz. CHI Chromashine Pearl White + 1/4 oz. Orange You Obsessed + 1 drop Dangerously Red.
Bubble Gum Pink: 2 oz. CHI Chromashine Pearl White + 1/2 drop Dangerously Red.
Dusty Rose: 3 oz. CHI Chromashine Pearl White + 1/2 drop Dangerously Red.


Sectioning: Starting at the fringe, create a triangle section. In the apex, create a triangle section to the temple and end in the nape. Mirror on opposite side.

Step One: Starting in your nape section, apply the Tangerine Formula to the root area. You can take the Tangerine Color further down in some sections and higher in others for added dimension.

Step Two: Apply Bubble Gum Pink Formula to the mid-shaft merging with the Tangerine Color. Next apply the Dusty Rose Formula to the ends merging with the Bubble Gum Pink.

Artist Tip: You can leave out some of the pre-lightened hair for added pops of brightness.

Step Three: Continue color technique until entire head is complete taking the Bubble Gum Formula higher in the front.

Step Four: Process at room temperature for 15 minutes, and rinse until the water runs clear.

Step Five: Shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo. Apply CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Neon Pink Color-Enhancing Conditioner and rinse.

Step Six: Apply a dime-sized amount of CHI Silk Infusion to hair.

Step Seven: Blow dry the hair using the CHI lava Hair Dryer, and style as desired.

Step Eight: Section out fringe area.

Step Nine: Mist the fringe area with Royal Treatment Rapid Shine.

Step Ten: Starting the center of the section, cut with razor gliding your razor against the hair to create a jagged cut.

Step Eleven: Repeat until entire fringe area has been cut.

Step Twelve: Smooth the fringe using the CHI Lava Hairstyling Iron.

Step Thirteen: After smoothing, go back and clean up any unwanted hair.

Cutting Technique:

Step Fourteen: Prep the hair with CHI Silk Infusion prior to cutting.

Step Fifteen: Create a solid cut with long layers using a point cutting technique.

Step Sixteen: Add some face framing layers to enhance the contouring color.

Step Seventeen: Blow dry the hair using CHI 44 Iron Guard, a round brush, and the new CHI Lava Dryer.

Step Eighteen: Take large sections and create some bouncy natural waves with our latest CHI Lava Hairstyling Iron, CHI Infra Hairspray and CHI Shine Infusion.

Products Used:

CHI Cosmetology Students Win Travel to Vegas, Mentorship and a Week of Beauty

CHI Cosmetology Students Win Travel to Vegas, Mentorship and a Week of Beauty

Holly Jackson, Natasha Rogers, Shakira White,and Rocky Vitelli at NAHA

Farouk Systems, Inc. was a Beacon Program Top Sponsor at this year’s Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Beacon 2018. With over 500 CHI Member Schools across the country, it is the company’s mission to actively support this event and future cosmetologists. This year’s Beacon 2018 and NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards) was held July 28-30th at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Beacon is designed to help students prepare for a future in cosmetology after they graduate through a national student competition where top entrants win industry-wide recognition and are invited to attend the Beacon event. During each Beacon program, 100 winners and 200 honorable mentions are chosen to attend this specialized business-based, educational student conference.

Global Artist and International Educator for Farouk Systems, Inc., Rocky Vitelli held classes to help select CHI students to enter the NAHA student category 2018.  The training included editorial styling, hair cutting and coloring, as well as how to select models and how to conduct a photo shoot. This provided each student with the tools and skills needed to compete on a global stage. Farouk Systems helped to off-set their travel expenses so each student could compete for the title. As a result, three cosmetology students from the CHI Member Schools (Shakira White and Holly Jackson from Hill College and Natasha Rogers from Lone Star) won a photo shoot, entrance fees, and the trip to walk the red carpet at the NAHA awards with their coach/ mentor Rocky Vitelli.

During the actual Beacon Event, Rocky Vitelli presented an editorial photo shoot seminar sharing with students how to prep models and create a winning look. Rocky was also the main speaker along with Geno Stampora on Saturday night. Farouk Systems, Inc. also sponsored the BEACON BASH where Shakira White and Holly Jackson from Hill College and Natasha Rogers from Lone Star won the rights to attend.

According to Dr. Farouk Shami, Founder and Chairman of Farouk Systems, Inc., “It has been our goal to secure the future of our industry by providing not only superior education but opportunities to help our future stylists achieve their dreams. We are honored to be a Beacon Program Top Sponsor and support the Professional Beauty Association. They have both strived to provide our industry with the tools and education needed in order for us all to become an industry united.”

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