There is a brighter, sunnier shade of blonde that is cropping up on social media feeds: Yellow. It’s a bold hue guaranteed to turn heads, and make a statement. Discover how to recreate this trend with CHI Chromashine color and CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Color-Enhancing Conditioner. Watch CHI Global Board Artists Anna Cantu and Rocky Vitelli show you how this look, from their I.D.ENTIFY Collection, can change up your hair — not to mention your mood — instantly.



Get The Look:

Cutting Technique:

Sectioning: Create a triangle section in the fringe, the sides, and the crown leaving out the hair below the parietal ridge for a total of four sections.

 Step One: In the nape area, point cut to the desired length. Repeat throughout the entire perimeter.

Step Two: In the back, take a vertical subsection, and bring the hair out 90 degrees. Razor cut 3 inches from the scalp down to the guide to create layers. Continue throughout the perimeter section.

Artist Tip: For the hair in front of the ear, direct it over to the back to maintain the length around the face.

Step Three: Release the crown section, and create a subsection in the crown area. Bring the subsection straight up, and point cut to desired length. Continue throughout entire crown section.

Step Four: Release the side sections. Direct the hair upward to the guide and point cut. Mirror on the opposite side.

Artist Tip: Go back through with your razor. Taking the hair out at a 90 degree angle,
razor cut the hair from underneath to create more layering.

Step Five: Release the fringe, and connect it to the sides.

Step Six: Apply BioSilk Silk Therapy with Natural Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment.

Color Technique:

Formula One: CHI Chromashine Mellow My Yellow

Formula Two: CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Conditioner – Rose Gold

Sectioning: Create a large triangle fringe section, two triangle side sections, and a diamond section in the crown to the nape while leaving out some hair in the nape area.

Step Seven: Apply Formula One starting in the nape area from roots to ends.

Step Eight: Release the side sections, and apply Formula One from roots to ends.

Step Nine: In the fringe and crown sections, apply Formula One to the root area. Then taking slices, alternate Formula One and Formula Two to create dimension throughout both sections.

Artist Tip: Separate subsections using cotton to prevent color fading.

Step Ten: Process for a total of 15 minutes; process 10 minutes under low heat and 5 minutes at room temperature to cool down.

Step Eleven: Rinse until the water runs clear. Apply CHI Ionic Color Lock Treatment for 5 minutes and rinse.

Step Twelve: Blow dry the hair using the CHI Lava Hair Dryer.

Step Thirteen: Smooth out the hair with the CHI Lava Hairstyling Iron.

Products Used: