​The next big color has arrived, and it’s here to usher in a sultry season: Lime Green. Don’t believe us? Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa are a few celebs who’ve amped up the edge factor by adding this vibrant color to their tresses. Inspired to take the plunge? Follow the full CHI Chromashine color and cut step-by-step by CHI Global Board Artists Anna Cantu and Rocky Vitelli. The results, from their I.D.ENTIFY Collection, are literally sublime.



Get The Look:

Bleach Retouch: 

Formula One: Equal parts CHI Blondest Blonde Ionic Cream Lightener + 20 Volume CHI Color Generator.

Prep the hair with CHI Silk Infusion and CHI Keratin Mist.

Step One: Create a center part. Then starting in the front, apply your lightener to the new growth area only. Continue by taking 1/2 inch subsections until entire head is complete.

Artist Tip: Place strips of cotton between each subsection to allow the roots to process evenly and to help prevent overlapping.

Artist Tip: To get maximum toning while lifting, CHI Blondest Blond can be mixed with CHI Infra High Lift Colors.

Step Two: Process at room temperature for 30-45 minutes making sure to check the hair frequently. Rinse, shampoo with CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Shampoo – Platinum Blonde, and condition using CHI Infra Treatment.

Step Three: Blow dry hair using the CHI Lava Hair Dryer.

Color Technique: 

Lime Formula:  1 oz. CHI Chromashine Pearl White + 1 oz. Mellow My Yellow + 2 drops Grass Roots.

Prep the hair with CHI Keratin Mist and CHI Silk Infusion.

Step Four: Apply Lime formula to the roots to ends, taking 1/2 subsections throughout.

Step Five: Process under low heat for 10 minutes with a 5 minute cool down. Rinse until the water runs clear. Apply CHI Olive Organics Hair and Body Conditioner for 5 minutes and rinse.

Cutting Technique: 

Section the hair into 4 equal quadrants.

Step Six: Release one front section. Create a diagonal back parting, cut the guide with your razor.

Step Seven: Over direct the hair forward, and razor cut shorter to longer. Continue until entire section is complete.

Step Eight: Mirror technique on the opposite side. Release the back sections. Bring hair forward, and cut to guide.

Step Nine: In the back, take a vertical subsection. Over direct the hair 180 degrees up, and point cut to create soft layers. Continue technique throughout the entire head.

Step Ten: Style as desired.

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