Elite Artist and Educator Melissa Gonzalez was able to create subtle brightness for her model by using the CHI Infra High Lift Colors. She shared some amazing tips on how to achieve the perfect Sombre color using a creative hand painting technique.

Color Formula: 1 oz. CHI Infra High Lift Cream Color in BB + ½ oz. 20 Volume CHI Color Generator + ½ oz. 30 Volume CHI Color Generator.

Step One: Section hair into 4 equal quadrants. Starting in the nape, take ½ inch diagonal subsections. Hand paint color in a “V” pattern taking color higher and lower to create dimension and movement. Continue until you reach the front fringe area.

Artist Tip: When applying the color you can brush up the section with your color brush in a “backcombing” motion to create more of an even blend in the final result.

Step Two:  Pick up front fringe area straight up at a 90 degree angle, over direct back and paint the color on in the “V” pattern getting closer to the roots to create brightness around the face.

Step Three: Process at room temperature for 20 minutes. Rinse the hair until water runs clear, shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo and condition using the CHI Infra Color Lock Treatment for 5 minutes. Style as desired.

Products Used:

CHI Infra High Lift Cream Color - BB

CHI Color Generator 20 Volume 

CHI Color Generator 30 Volume

CHI Keratin Mist